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My (new) First Post

2/1/2023, 8:00

Hi! I am very happy today, because I have refactored my blog 😉

This is not my first experience writing in my blog but, 2022 was a year with changes and new challenges in my working life so, I decided restart my blog to align it with what I am doing day by day.

For this reason, this is my first post, but only in this new version of my blog.

About me

If I have to talk about me in a sentence, I like to say that I am a passionate about programming and tech world.

Nowadays, I work as iOS Developer at Hiberus, a global consultancy company founded in Spain, but growing quickly and opening new offices in places such as Berlín, London, México DF or Miami.

But, my work experience have been mainly focused in IT. Besides programming, I have previous experience working as QA or DevOps engineer.

Recently, because I'm a enthusiastic user of Apple products, I decided to learn Swift, and specialize in their ecosystem development. Not only for iOS devices, but for MacOS or the rest of Apple operating systems.

My personal life

I was born in Valencia (Spain), where I live, at 80’s, the age of Spectrum, Atari and the first Sega's or Nintendo videoconsoles. So, I grow up and enjoyed play videogames with my Sega Megadrive, watch cartoons as He-man, Dragon Ball or Captain Tsubasa.

I'm the proud father of Lucas 👶🏻, my 2 years son that became the home CEO, and the proud husband of Lorena, the best life companion that I could have. A wonderfull woman, with a special power to treat with the childhood (And with me 😅)

Nowadays, I spend my non-working hours with my family or my hobbies, such as: enjoying TV Series, playing chess or watching Formula 1 races.

Why I write in this blog


The first reason (and the most important) is for learning. I think that there are 3 levels of knowledge: - 1st: When someone teach you something, or you learn it watching a video or reading a book - 2nd: When you are able to do what you have learned - 3rd: When you are able to teach someone what you know.

And, for this reason, write in a blog help me to learn teaching others.

To help

The second one, is helping others what today I love: programming. I think that everybody’s like help others, and also, this my way to extend the help that I receive from others.

Express my opinion

Another reason is, as iOS Developer, I need to have a deep understand about the Apple ecosystem so, this will be a place to organize my thoughts about the news, products, events as WWDC… but ever focused in coding

Practice english

And the last reason, (but no less important), practice to write tech documentation in English. My native language is Spanish, but globalization and remote working has opened a lot of opportunities. And English is today the key language for learn and work.


If you wanna know more about me, feel free to check my social media links (see the footer)

So, I hope you enjoy my posts! 🙂